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Handover the Property Asset to Us 

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Property Transaction

Y-Spacesolution help property owner to sell the stock real estate assets and meet their cash flow requirement through the way of purchasing those completed property assets.

Asset Management

Y-Spacesolution establish the joint-venture with all types of entities on project level to make strategic investment.

Whoever you are, property owner, developer or government organization. As a professional asset management and operation company, Y-Spacesolution conduct pre-demand exchange and analysis, quantitative objective management with you during the initial phase. Also, we will sign joint-develop or asset management contract with the owner to execute our total operation and asset management process from the transformation of space design & renovation, leasing and property management. Market-oriented space planning design, solid long-term creditable tenant introduction, good operation and maintenance will create the sustained, stable and satisfactory cash flow for the property owner, and continuously enhance the value of property assets. Leave the works to us, so you have no worry.

The overall performance of your property will be enhanced through the operation and management under Y-Spacesolution. Trust us, we will help you to make a successful case in your property. 


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